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Tisse Takagi at The Science Factory has sold English language rights to ​How To Be Authentic: Simone de Beauvoir and A Guide to Rebellious Living  by Skye Cleary at auction to Anna DeVries at St Martin's and Robyn Drury at Ebury. LPA has sold Dutch rights to Ten Have and Chinese rights (simplified characters) to United Sky.

Susan Smith at MBA has sold a second volume of memoirs by Dr Amanda Brown to Kate Fox at HQ for publication in June 2020. Dr Amanda's first book The Prison Doctor has spent nine weeks in the ​Sunday Times bestseller list since publication in June. Rights have been sold to JK in Poland and AST in Russia.

Tony Kent's second thriller Marked for Death  is a summer 2019 Richard and Judy Book Club selection. We've sold rights to Heyne in Germany, Solferino in Italy, Albatros in Poland and Eksmo in Russia on behalf of Tony's UK publisher, Elliott & Thompson.

Rights to Tim Marshall's international bestseller Prisoners of Geography  have now been sold in 28 languages.



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